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Oversee’s mission is to deliver caring, world-class service to our guests, our community, and to each other. And we believe that means to manage by working hard and working smart. Only then can we deliver on agreed expectations and continue to innovate for the future.

The simple benefits of Oversee:

  • 20% management fee
  • No upcharge on supervision more infoRepairs and maintenance, deep cleaning, inspections and walkthroughs, etc.
  • No upcharge on additional ordinary tasks
  • No compensation days held over for company use
  • No risk of misplacing keys due to our keyless-entry system
  • Highest professional level of maintenance
  • Maximized homeowner income
  • Time savings and no more headaches from having to deal with running the property yourself
  • A team that respects your home as if it was our own
Oversee offers one basic plan to start from:
Gold Plan
Marketing and booking the property
Managing check-in and check-out
Property inspections
Cleaning service

The Oversee advantage:


We are a licensed real estate brokerage. This means we have the proper licensing to rent out other people’s properties. We do not buy and sell. We specialize in short-term rentals and are focused on becoming masters of the craft.

No Nickel, No Dime, No Penny!

We don’t nickel and dime. We’re at our properties often. We put the time in to fix what we can so that we don’t have to call out for maintenance and bill the homeowner. If you’re tired of $15 dollar light bulb replacement fees from rental companies, worry no longer, we pay for and replace light bulbs, filters, and batteries.


It’s your home. We do not have a maximum amount of days set for homeowner usage. You use the property however you want. We also do not hold compensation days for company use, like some company’s do.


We focus on an efficient workforce. We are automated where it counts. Everything we do is stored and secured on the internet, in other words, we operate in the cloud. This allows us to work on the go when it’s needed. You don’t have to worry about this rental company falling behind with the times.

Direct Contact

Dealing with a different property manager every time you call can be frustrating. That is why at Oversee, we supply homeowners with direct contact to the individual in charge of their property. 


Nothing is worse than dealing with inconsistency of procedures and standards from rental companies. Here at Oversee, we work with you to make any transition as seamless as possible. We want the homeowner to trust their property is in good hands. It is our policy to look over your home as if it was our own. 

A Personalized Homeowner Account

We believe a homeowner shouldn’t have to wait for a monthly report to be sent to them for an update on their property. Oversee operates with a personalized homeowner account accessible online. This account is easy to use and allows homeowners to run their own reports with the click of a button. In this account, the homeowner can also reserve any dates they need for whatever reason.


Oversee has the ability to market your property on more than 35 leading rental websites with complete synchronization. If a property is booked on one website it is instantly and automatically updated across all platforms, leading to more bookings. 

Dynamic Pricing

Our pricing strategy is founded from the same principles for pricing properties in real estate. The difference is that on top of finding the base price, we factor in dynamic principles based on remaining availability and time. This helps us derive a fair price for both the homeowner and renter.

In-House Maintenance

Our maintenance team is bar none the best in the business. Our team has done it all and our work can be found across 30A. In addition, Oversee has an affordable flat rate fee.


A second home is an important asset for a homeowner on the financial level and an emotional level. When a property is entered into the pool of rentals it is a benefit for the management company to maximize profits. At Oversee we work with you to figure out what your property means to you. For some, it’s strictly an investment and we will maximize profits, but for most, a home is a family’s means for making memories and living happily. We work with homeowners who chose to not rent there property out year-round.

The Rental Agreement

This agreement is a direct example of how we protect your property. click here.

Be Green

Since we operate in the cloud and our homeowner account allows us to not have to send out paper forms of reports to our homeowners, we keep our environmental footprint small.

If you have any further questions regarding what we can do for you and your unique property, simply give us a call at 888.290.3489

Professional Vacation Rental Management

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